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Leather Jewelry Box

  • PU Jewellery box set
  • PU Jewellery box set
  • PU Jewellery box set
PU Jewellery box setPU Jewellery box setPU Jewellery box set

PU Jewellery box set

  • Product ID:GPSU0101
  • Size: 66*60*50mm
  • Material: Plastic,PU
  • Color: Multiple
  • Product description:
Product Name: Jewelry Box
Material: Art/Printing Paper,Fancy/Special Paper,Craft paper,Leatherette Paper,PU leather,Velvet,Satin

Ring: 66*60*50mm

Pendant: 85*75*37mm

Bangle: 90*90*45mm

Bracelet: 220*55*35mm

Half set: 110*150*38mm

Full set: 163*160*38mm

Color: Customized
LOGO: Full Color Printing,Hot Stamping,Silk Printing,Imprint,Embossed,UV,
Surface Workmanship: Glossy Laminated,Matte Laminated,Varnish,Pressing Texture
Sample Leadtime: 5-7 Days
Production Leadtime: 30-35Days
Payment Term: 30% Deposit, 70% Balance after inspection before shipment.


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